Have you ever considered a possibility of writing a post for a website? You can try a role of a writer by submitting an article to us! We provide every reader with an opportunity to highlight the topic he or she is interested in. It’s recommended that you discuss your topic with us, so we could decide whether it’s appropriate for our website.

Our Requirements

We have certain requirements you have to meet when writing your article:

  • The post has to be original.
    No copied content will be approved, our specialists will take their time to check the text for copies. Your ideas can and have to be based on the works of other people, but the work itself has to be genuine. You can compare different works and come to a conclusion or choose another way to use other works, but remember that you aren’t allowed to copy someone else’s articles.
  • It has to be at least 500 words long.
    We encourage you to answer the question you raise in the introduction of your article fully. We also think that the minimum of 500 words is needed to open a topic and add some relevant information. If you think the topic is too narrow to be highlighted in such a big article, contact us for further discussion.
  • The topic has to be connected to the theme of the website.
    Surely, you have to write about health and healthcare system(s) of our or a different country. It’s recommended that you tell us your topic before writing, but if you don’t, we still can approve your article. However, again, it has to be tightly connected with our main theme.
  • It has to be strengthened with scientific or other types of evidence.
    We’d like to ask you to write articles that have a scientific or other basis, but not only your thoughts on a topic. You have to include your own point of view, of course, but don’t base the whole article on it. Find works on the topic, studies, journal articles, etc. and insert them into your text, giving relevant links if necessary. This will make your article more trustworthy and improve your chances to be featured!

Learn More

To learn more about what kind of articles we usually accept, contact us. We will discuss every detail of the article to make sure our cooperation will be successful. Don’t hesitate to ask any kind of questions about submitting posts to us, we encourage curiosity!